Saturday, October 27, 2007

Junked it again.

The last three or four weeks have been forgetable. 5 DNF's most of them my own falt. 2 Crashes. Broken parts! Blood! cross gut. Fattness. Lots of Heart ache.

Today was USGP #1 crushed my bike in a first lap crash. Then broke my chain in a second lap flip. I'm beat up but not broken... YET. lets see what tomorrow has in store for me.

At the rate im going on my drive through CANS ASS i will get stuck in a Twister that contains a BIKE RIDING WITCH! only never to find the fucking wizard, not have ruby slippers and never see home (boulder) again.

I guess all i really need is to have the last 4 weeks go well. Fingers and toes are crossed.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing Catch Up.

Not only am i playing catch up with this whole blog thing, but my fittness, and bikes as well.

It all started back on Tuseday Sept. 25th. Packed up the VW and drove out of Boulder looking forward to a big week of fun and some great racing. My plan was to drive to Vegas drop off Bike #2 so people chould drool over it while at the show. Check out Interbike as i have never been. Race Cross Vegas, and maybe have a good ride and crack the top 20. Hang out in vegas for a day and take in the Crit thursday night. Leave and drive to Lake Tahoe firday moring for Xterra Nationals. Ride the Course, run the course, rest. Saturday go to the season ending banquet. Where Will the thrill won Mr. Xterra for his RV trip around the country. Race sunday, then party down. Monday Lindsey and I were going to check out Squaw Valley, as a winter spot for her to get her Pro Skiing thing back on track.

Lets just say none of that happend!

Three hours into the trip the Car broke in Glenwood. There was only one rent a car place in town and they didnt have any cars for us for about 3 hours. I had 4 bikes 6 sets of wheels, tools extra parts, and what have you. They first said they could get us a dodge Caliber which would have been way to small. Seconds later the huge Ford Expodition rolled up, and rent a car lady said do you think that would work. To which Lindsey and I said FUCK YES. Shes gave us a killer deal on it which was nice cause we spent hundreds of dollars on Gas driving that fucking tank around the country for a week. So we were back on the road, and got into vegas around 3:30 in the morning on wednesday. Went down to the show found Lance from TRP who totally hooked us up with great brakes. I finished the second bike and looked around the show a bit before i had to get ready for Cross Vegas. Lindsey and I drove out to the race , let just say i was so stoked and i was ready to go. The legs felt ok, but the head was there. Did a little warm up got signed in found some cross tires, as our "race" wheels had not come yet. Went to the line super happy and ready for the through down to come. Pulled off my warm-ups and pilled them with everyone's next to the start line. Then the race was off to thousonds of screaming fans, i had a great start and had moved up to about 25th or so after the start loop. Going into the first run up section i was getting ready to dismount the bike when half way through i was bumped from the side and put my right shifter into the fence ripping it off of my bike. This ment no shfting and no braking. I move over and let the whole field ride past as i would have crashed everyone around me if i had pressed on. I spent about 35 min. out there riding the 42x11 till the legs just gave out. What a fucking bummer. I then rolled back to the start line to find my Kit and all my clothing from warm-up was gone. This was a total Fuck because in my jersey pocket was my fucking Walet. Stupid TYLER. I ran around for about 90 min. looking for it before i gave in. Drove back to the hotel got changed. We had Vip Passes to the Sinclair Imports party which is the hot Industry party at Interbike all the big wigs show up to get Crunk. Because i didnt have a wallet i couldnt get in. Lindsey and I went back to the hotel and had room serives and went to bed. Thursday morning i awoke to the hotel phone ring. It was someone from interbike saying that my wallet had been turned in to Interbike security. Thank God! The show thursday was Ok, i didnt really have time to talk with all the people i had hoped to talk to but know one ever does. Thursday night Lindsey and I went out to the Crit Finals over at Mandlay Bay. It was pretty sweet, I knew a ton of people racing. My buddy Adam Myerson had an outstanding race. i'm not sure he was ever out of the top 20 all night. He ended up rolling across the line in 5th. Not a bad way to end the road season and begin cyclocross. Friday I sat around the show in hopes of getting my race wheels from Miche, but Parbo got them instead. I guess i need to win a small National championship or somthing. Let show had left me felling really down and the legs hurting. I wasnt about to drive 8 hours to lake Tahoe to pay like 300 dollars to race around and not do well. Instead Lindsey called a friend in West Hollywood and we went to Cali. I also got ahould of my teamate Brent Prenzlow and did a small race outside of L.A. it didnt go to bad. Brent won and i was 5th after setting the pace up from for 30 min. Lindsey and I then went down to Huntington Beach and had some diiner and a walk on the pier. Everything was nice, even the skinheads! hey you always need somthing to talk about right! The trip was finishing up and we were about ready to get back to boulder move out of our place and into a new home. thats number 5 for me this year, i think 4 for lindsey.

This shot id before the maddness that was Cross Vegas! I cant wait for that race again next year!