Saturday, September 22, 2007


Its been a while But i have been busy or not depends on who you ask. So here a list of things that i have and haven't done, if you care or not.

Last weekend skipped the season opening cross race in Co. cause i was so stressed you could fry and egg on my head.

Started the cross build. Didn't get it done in time to do the Wed morning coffee shop worlds cross ride. All because i didn't have a flipping chain tool.

When to see the Arcade Fire at Red Rocks! Super fucking cool they are becoming one of my all time favorite bands.

Thursday motorpaced with Frank Overton in Boulder, and had a blast. It was great to put some work in and get the bike as dialed as i could before today's race.

Yesterday got into Mich. no worries. Met up with Brent got food, Hotel and so sleep.

Today was the first race of my season. Get the cobwebs out and open the legs for whats going to be a long and hard season. Had a good warm up didn't like the course much but nothing to do about that. Only have 2 UCI points so I'm last call up. Being last call up blows i was 4th row and about 25th or so after the first lap. That means i was already a min down on Jon Page and the front of the race. I stayed pretty cool and didn't freak out. I spent laps 2-5 just riding my own race and feeling good about myself. Rode from 25-9 by the end of the forth lap i had pulled myself and Grant Berry of Durango up to Steve Tillford and Adam Myerson. who were in 7th and 8th. Just as we made contact with them i got a Freak side stitch. I had to sit up and take a lap to get things under control. Buy the end of my lap off i was 16th with less then 2 laps to go. I felt ok so i rode "firm" till i was 13th. Not a bad start to the season at least its a race under my belt. 4 or the top 5 races today raced Worlds last season so the race was 4reel. Brent my teammate had a strong day and rode to 6th. We only had one casualty today and it was a 303 from rim. about half way Brent cracked his from wheel and kept riding till his front tire was about flat when he noticed it was cracked. He took a bike and but was just to far in back of fith to make a late race charge for the last podium spot.

Better luck next time, but good start for me and for the Team.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shit hitting the fan

So its about to hit the fan, the shit that is. This is the time of year when the next race is just about all you can think about. I will have two races every weekend from now till mid Dec. It's going to be super hard, and a great deal of fun. I do have some Hang ups though. Like, Linz and i don't have a place to live come Oct. 1st. Then I'm gone for most of the month, till i come back grab Linz and fly off to Maui for Xterra Worlds on the 28th. Should be a good break for mid cross season fun. I hope that when i get back some stress will be gone and i can hunker down and round out the form for Cyclocross Nationals. I will have two weekends here in Co. which is will be a blessing. I know I'm not going to want to travel to far for a bit. After that, Linz and i need to figure out who she is Skiing for this season and to which Mtn. she will have a pass. I'm looking forward to having a bit of a break to Ski, learn how to XC ski, maybe snowshoe, and maybe do a warm weather cycling camp too. Things are looking up and I'm very optimistic about the future. Now i just need to find one thing to focus my efforts on. Ok maybe tow or three things. What would life be with out variety, some say its a spice but i have never used it in my cooking.



P.S. I know I don't right good. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sporza tv has some great video from world in Fort William. The course look super fun and fast, not real sure if its a true MTB course but being a cross guy i think i would have liked it.

The Track, The Sister, and Some Rest.

So Saturday morning i woke up nice and early and drove my ass down to the springs. It was to good an opportunity to pass up, getting to riding the track with my sister.

My sister is a Freshman at Fort Lewis down in Drurango, see fell in love with Durango when she came down to visit me back in April while i was laying low. Well i was laying low but with a bit of a high profile. Last week my sister joined the famed Cycling team. I was so stoked, an proud to hear the news. Durango is one of the bike crazy towns, where its hard not to ride your bike. in her first weekend on the team Rick Crawford asked her and a bounce of the kids to come to Colorado Springs to get some track time in before they go off to San Diego for Track Nationals. My sis asked Rick if he would bring an extra track bike down so that i could come ride with them. So i showed up switched saddles, and pedals and jumped up on the track. It was super fun, with a touch of really creepy. I thought all was going well till i thought i could coast through a turn and nearly came to grief. No worries though, i didn't crash and i learned real quick you have to keep the cranks turnin. I had a great time visiting with my sister, and Crawford. I'm so pleased she is doing well and is so happy. Cant wait to see her again.

Sunday was nice, cool and crisp. Went out and had myself a great long run. Monday was nice to, spent the day with my Linz, who happened to have the day off. We also went over to the 29th street mall and had some Wine and took in a movie. We saw Death at a Funeral, which was super funny, we both absolutely loved it, and would recommend it to anyone.

On an note, the team Had some great success this weekend, Brent Prenzlow took the first Cyclocross win of the season. He won ahead of Mark McCormack and Matt Krause. Here is what Brent had to say about the race.


- I opened my cross season yesterday in New England at the Milford Cyclocross Classic held in rainy conditions. There was a small, but competitive 20 rider field including local heavy-hitters Mark McCormack and Matt Krause. I was able to get into the lead group of 4 riders. McCormack entered the pits and fell behind with a cleat issue. With the race down to 3, I upped the pace and Krause fell back leaving just two of us in front. Approaching the last lap, I was able to get a gap over the barriers and held a narrow lead all the way to the finish to take the win! I was pleasantly surprised and was awarded a nice $200 cash prize for the effort. Check out the new kit in action!

Some photos are online here:

Results should be posted soon. Check ...



Friday, September 07, 2007


Stellina Sport, LLC is very proud and excited to announce the new 2007-2008 Alan North America Cyclocross Team. This upstart team will be targeting as many North American UCI races as possible including the USGP of Cyclocross Series, Verge New England Series, Verge Mid-Atlantic Series, as well as the SoCal Prestige Series, and local California, Virginia, Georgia, New England, and Colorado races. Hopes are high for podium finishes at the National Championship in Kansas. Leading the team will be Brent Prenzlow of Carlsbad, California formerly of Celo-Pacific. Brent brings a wealth of experience and results to the table and will be defending his title in the SoCal Prestige Cyclocross Series. Brent, who placed 3rd in the 2006 US Cyclocross National Championships Masters 34-39, has 68 career cyclocross wins as an elite racer and is a 6-time California State Champion. Brent will be joined by rider/team manager Tyler Johnson formerly of Richard Sachs, and CCA Kona. Tyler is a former U-23 bronze medalist at the Cyclocross National Championships in Baltimore, and has collected one UCI victory and numerous podium appearances in UCI races. Rounding out the Elite team will be NORBA standout Christian Favata, up and coming Georgia rider Jamie Pair, and a pair of strong U-23's, Virginians Jeff Buckles and Stu Louder.

Alan, whose bikes boast 20 Cyclocross World titles, will be providing the team with Pearl White Alan 12K Blade carbon monocoque frames and Xtreme DCS aluminum frames with full carbon monocoque forks. "Alan's cyclocross geometry and materials are spot on for high level cyclocross racing. Because the frames are made in 20 traditional sizes, Alan cross bikes offer virtually custom sizing." says rider/ manager Tyler Johnson. The team will be outfitting the bikes with Supertype deep section carbon wheels, Primato cranks, cassettes, and chains all from Italian manufacturer MICHE. Helping to keep the team upright and moving forward will be Challenge Grifo tires, which will be supplied in 3 different tread types to accommodate all conditions. "The Team unanimously acknowledged Challenge tires as the best tubulars for cross racing and we are very happy with the generous support and help we are receiving from the company. Their passion for the sport is fantastic", said Chris Snead, Co-Owner of Stellina Sport. Italian maker, Selcof will provide bars, stem and seatposts to trim out the cockpit, and the riders will pilot there bikes onboard Prologo Choice and Nago saddles. Clipping in and out of Crank Brothers pedals, the riders will spring over the mud and barriers in Lake Shoes and gloves. Stopping will be handled with the combo of TRP Carbon 950 brakes and top mounts, JagWire Sleek Pro Cross Lite cartridge holders and wires, and SwissStop Yellow King brake pads. Verge Sports kits will be keeping all the riders looking good and hopefully warm and dry all season. Rudy project will provide helmets and glasses to keep our heads safe and the sun and mud out of our eyes.

We all look forward to meeting you out at the races, so don’t be shy. Come say," Hi".

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sometimes I wish i was...


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Junked It

So i totally Junked it today. This morning was my 2nd Boulder cross group ride of the season. I ended not feeling very good at all, but really wanted to get some good work. Off the tine i was out in 3rd just behind fast starting Greg, and Jon baker. The pace wasnt that high, so i was looking for ways to get around. when we came to the first set of barriers i hopped off the hopped back on. Only to find i was on the top tube not the saddle. Fuck that hurt so fucking bad. My Eyes instantly teared, i limped off the course and back home. I have been feeling super down on myself all morning.

This afternoon has been much better, i was able to get the guys at sports gearge to Dremel out the oles of my cross shoes. i have some of the worlds smallest toes. so i can never get my cleat puched forward enough to have it at or right behind the ball of my foot.

When i got back from fixing my shoes, the DHL finlly came with my Cross and Track frames. Hey look great. I cant wait to get out on them i hope next weeks some time.

I'm outside gettin rained on with my computer, so i guess i should go.

I be back with storys and pic's of the bikes soon


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Super Jamestown

Ok, so it wasent that super. I didnt make it to Ward. I cracked a bit around 50 min. into going hard. I hope it goes better next time, but i's hard miles in the bank. Went to Zolo for dinner with Linz Mom and Dad. I love that place, bet Salad in the world, even if they forgot the goat cheese tonight.

Thats all nothing special.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Went to Keystone today with the Idea of racing the Short Track at the keystone climax, droping everyone and riding into the sunset. Insead i got my teeth kicked in, put my tail between my legs and rode around like a little girl. I'm guessing it has somthing to do with my throat being soar again last night and this morning. I better not have Strep again. For those of you who dont know. My last 5 weeks have been ruled by the Iron Fist of Strep Throat. Linz and i have been just been passing it back and forth. Not sure what else to say. I was feeling so optimistic yesterday, cause every day i seemed to be getting stronger. I also changed shoes yesterday, y'all know how that goes. I might take a few more days or a week to get the bling shoes all sorted.