Monday, June 23, 2008

Richmond Photo's

Still putting off writing this race report due to the fact i dont really want to play it over in my head again. I have second guessed myself so many times this week. I have also taken a few days of to re charge a bit to get myself ready for the big build for maui. Xterra Worlds. I do have some Podium pictures though.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indoor MTB


This is back when MTB was way cool.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So i'm not really sure how to start this. I have told the story of the race so many times now i feel like i have been playing telephone with myself. Not sure if the story fits what happened in the race anymore.

Flew down to Alabama with Dom once again. Npthing to speek off as far a funny storys or diastors. Picked up our retal car, which sucked. I t was some Jeep abortion. Looked like it wouldnt do anything well and it really didnt.

Once at the race course we took off, and began the pre-ride. Dom thought it would be a great idea to once again twist himself into a pretzel and crash. It was such a great crash too. I was up the trail and heard the crash begin to happen behind me. I then stopped, turned around the looked back. Both Dom and Cannondale Scalpel were in the midst off crash and both still moving out of control. Dom and I both thought this was the end of his race and maybe the season. It looked and sounded however alot worse then it was. The rest of the ride i fought with my new bike, as i still didnt have things set up the way i wanted them. All and all the course is one of the best if not te best course there is on te whole Xterra tour. After the bike we ran the run course, and took a small swim in the lake. Everything felt pretty darn good an we both wanted to get the race over and done with.

On saturday We did a litte bit of everything. Little Bike, Little Run, Little Swim. Love those days. After we went to (olive garden) kinda lame but the food was ok and what we need to fuel for the race.

Race day was ok. WE got breakfast and rode our bikes over to the course from the Hotel. Its about 7 miles and a great warm-up. We tried to leave as late as we could as to not get to the course to early before the race. Both got kitted up and ready. The cannon went off and my race felt like it had already gone up in smoke. I couldnt move my arms and had to do backstroke on the second loop of the swim. I was already in servival mode. On the bike the legs felt real good and ready to go. Only to get a flat 3 or 4 miles in. The stans in the tires sealed the leak and i thought i was ok. Mark Leishman came up and around me soon after. It was nice to have someone to ride with but soon i have to let him go and decide when to fill my tire back up as it was almost to the rim. We came to the base of the long fire road climb an i thought this was it. I had to hit the tire up now. Once i did Brian Smith came past. Just my luck. I hooked up to his wheel and just chilled trying to get my head and legs back on the same page. Things were going well and the fire was coming back. The tire started to go away again just as we cought Ryan Ignatz, and i thought ok maybe if i stop now and hit it up one more time an can chase back to the both of them before T2 and we could all run together. That would have been a real good run group. This was not to be and before i was back to T2 i was riding the rim this time with a full flat tire. As i loked up the road i saw Brian and Ryan running away together. I was so bummed. I took off out of T2 in about 20th and said to myself stay with it you never know, and you need the racing. Things went well and the heat got to alot of the guys up the trail. People just started appearing in front of me. I made it past 11 guys to finish 9th. Not to bad with the maddness on the bike. Brian and Ryan were 6th and 7th respectivly.

Not to bad not to good.

On a good note. Dom killed it. He came out of the water in great spot and had a strong bike and a great run to finish 4th on the day. So proud of him. The training has been good and we have been real working hard at this.

Next Report RICHMOND!

Monday, June 16, 2008

DAN HUGO had this video up from xterra richmond. Its pretty dran good.

Here are a few shots from BAMA photo's from Richmond will be up soon . My Race Reports will follow tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty sick right now so i'm going to bed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Race Recap

So, I have been putting off doing a race recap due to the fact both Xterra's have sucked so bad.

Xterra West: Dom and I made it into the I.E. (inland empire) on thursday before the race. All was good, saw Kahuna Dave and others seting up the race compound in the record heat. We got out onto the bike course soon there after. The bike course is a great one, lots of ups and downs but no shade at all. This is due to the big fires they had in that area some time ago. Everything was going ok, both a little tired from the flight. Dom felt it nessisry to crash and roll around in the dirt for a while. scuffing his knee and elbow pretty good and twisting himself up like a pretzel. We made it back to the hotel ordered ups some zza (pizza) and went to bed. The next morning we got a good 30 min. run in and then took off down to Carlsbad to meet up with Chris from 2XU. We sell there stuff at the store and love it. He was able to get us our new race suits printed with our Targetraining logos and we each picked up some of the new compression tights which we wore to bed the next two nights. Saturday was pretty chill we took another look at the course, and witnessed people dropong like fly's trying to get throught the 21k trail running race. WE then had dinner at a great Italian resurant with Kate, my cousin, and Dom sister.

Race day. All was going to plan got out well in the swim even thought i had claw mark up and down my back. Came out of the water a little behind Josiah Middaugh. He is always someone i love to ride with. I know if we work together we can catch most of the field. As soon as i hit the bike my legs went away. Not sure what was going on I sucked it up and keep trying to drive the pace. 10min. I felt it all slip away. There was nothng there, nothing I could do. I finished rthe first loop of the bike and went right to the car. Got my run shorts on and took off to watch the rest of the race. Dom was having a great race and he too was sticking to this plan. It worked really well till he tried to run up a 20% grade right out of T2 which the top 4 guys all walked up. Dom Blow, and gouild not catch his breath for the rest of the race. Dom Ended up going from 6th to 18th on the run. Not what we had hoped for before heading all the way across the country.

The trip back was ok packed up our bikes, then chilled with the boulder crew till it was time to make the drive to LAX. This is were we had the most fun all trip. Drank some beers, told storys, and got lost (like Spinal Tap) in the baowls of the airport. We made it in to JFK at bout 6am. only to have it take more then and hour for them to find our bikes. By the time we made it to the car and on the highway, it was full on rush hour. We hit up Queen, Bronx, western Ct. all trying to get dom to work at 10am. for a PT session. All and all it took a few days to recover from the travel.

My love for Donuts runs very deep

Dom's Knee

New Tri Kit


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Xterra South

Xterra South is here once again. I cant belive its been a year already. Last year at this time i was hanging With former cyclocross teamate Jamie Pair in Hotlanta getting used to the steamy weather. This year i'm back in CT. working at the Targetraining, and wishing summer would just get here already.

Today should be pretty fun, I have new rubber coming my way from QBP. I got Kenda samll block 8's, Karma's in 2.2(fatboy), and Kozmikk lite 2's. I also got Dom and I some rad gloves(pic's to come later) Still trying to decide which tires to bring to Bama. I have to Stan them on my new race wheels. I got eh new ZTR race wheelset which are about 1215g about 100g lighter them my flippin road wheels. (CRAZY) Also i finlly got my new Team Cannondale Scalpel dialed as best i could.I think with barends it's still going to be under (21 LBS) P.S. that a size large! Still waiting on an SI stem so i can use my rad riser bars. This bike is ripping, i cant belive how well the lefty works. 110mm of travel feels bottomless when riding XC.

Today is going to be crazy Dom and I leave in the morning so we will be busy working, training, packing, wrenching, eating, napping, eating, and maybe even swimming.

Both dom and I have great legs right now, i hope everything works out in bama. This is the first year i have done the work and feel ready to race. Wish us luck!